EasyAds VPS Install

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EasyAds is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and fully customizable advertising CMS. Perfect for both sellers and buyers, it can be seamlessly utilized by large marketplaces like OLX or highly targeted smaller sellers. You can set it up and customize it in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start selling and making money straight away.

This service is designed to help you get started with EasyAds in an environment fit for it.

By ordering this services, we will do the following for you:

1. Setup your new unmanaged VPS from scratch and optimise it for EasyAds usage specifically.
2. Install the web server - NGINX 
3. Install PHP together with most used PHP extensions - We will use PHP >= 7.2 
4. Install a database server - We will use either MySQL or MariaDB
5. Install all the addons you have selected
6. Install EasyAds in the new VPS and do basic configuration (i.e: add cron jobs and enable clean urls)

Once we complete the service for you, we will provide you all the info you need and you can just start using EasyAds in your new VPS.
The service is offered as described above, no custom or additional work will be accepted.

Additional notes:
We only offer this service for new and empty VPS's. We will remove and add packages in that VPS in order to offer you the service.
We do not offer this service for shared hosting, or existing servers where you have running apps.
Make sure you read the requirements carefuly before ordering the service.


Here is what we need from you in order for us to be able to provide you with this service:

1. A new VPS where we will install this service. The VPS must run CentOS 7 as the operating system. If you don't have a VPS yet, buy one from Linode / DigitalOcean.
2. SSH access as root to your new and empty VPS.
3. A valid EasyAds license key which you have purchased from Envato. If you use this license for any other EasyAds instance, you will need a new license. Here's how to get your license.
4. Your first name, last name, and email address which we will use during application install.
5. The domain name (i.e: or subdomain name (i.e: under which we will install EasyAds. Make sure this (sub)domain points to your VPS IP address (i.e: add proper DNS records). This has to be your domain name, bought by you.

If you don't know how to create a VPS at the VPS provider, you can provide us with the login to the provider and we can create it for you. You need the "Create VPS at provider" addon though.

Please make sure you meet all requirements, provide all required data and double check all credentials before providing them, we need working data.
The data you provide will be securely kept encrypted on our servers.

Estimated delivery time

Around 2 Working Days
This is a very rough estimate, actual time may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Enhanced Security we will install and setup a firewall for your VPS, we will install fail2ban and we will improve the security of the SSH server.
While this is optional, we advise you to use a SSL Certificate. We provide Let's Encrypt certificates which will renew automatically as long as you will be using the VPS.
For now we only support CentOS 7, so make sure your VPS has it.
Only if you need us to login at the VPS provider and create the VPS for you.
No, we need you to provide us a new and empty VPS which you have just created.
No, you have to buy your license separately.

Available addons

  • Enhanced Security(+ $9.00)
  • SSL Certificate(+ $9.00)
  • Create VPS at provider(+ $9.00)
  • PHPMyAdmin(+ $9.00)