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• You are a person who has reached the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction of which you are a citizen;
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By buying one of the services offered by ONETWIST SOFTWARE via this platform, you understand that: 

• You have to carefully read and understand the description and requirements for each service we provide.
• If you have doubts related to our services, you will contact us before ordering a service.
• We will add and remove software in the VPS you provide to us in order to complete the service you have requested.
• We do our best to complete your service request as soon as possible, but sometimes completing a service request might take up to 30 days.
• Once we complete a service request for you, we cannot issue any refund for your order for that service.
• We do our best to keep the information you provide to us safe. We also advise you to take your own minimum security measures.

If you have any questions and need answers, please use the "Contact us" section of the website to reach out for clarifications.